Teri Bartl

Teri Bartl

My goal for every transaction is that my clients get the very best possible outcome. My clients consistently tell me I go above and beyond any Realtor they have been acquainted with. Much of my business comes in the form of referrals from happy clients. I believe that kind of testimonial distinguishes me from the crowd. I am an expert with transactions involving Trusts, Probate, Adult Guardianship and Bankruptcies. Judges and attorneys have commented positively on my records, reports and expert witnessing. Communication and attention to details are imperative in this line of work.

At Ferrari-Lund we have a strong team spirit and resources to handle every evenutality. Although there are good teams in real estate, my experience has been that if something goes wrong, the buck may start to get passed around. I am 100% accountable and responsible becasue I handle every facet of the transaction – every call, email and text; every showing and open house; every appraisal, inspection, negotiation, court appearance and more. I make sure communication is optimal.

I have a wide array of professional experiences in my life. All contributing to the that have added to my expertise and skill required to be a great REALTOR. Perhaps the most notable is the ten years I was Marketing Director for a Direct Marketing Company. I developed and implemented direct marketing campaigns for home improvement businesses. In addition, my degree in Landscape Architecture and interest in architecture in general, has given me education and knowledge to build on. I have been investing in real estate and rental properties since I was 25 years old. I also enjoy helping my husband design and build homes.

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